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North Beach Cabins FAQ

What is the check-in/check-out time?

Check-in time is 3:00 PM. Check-out time is 10:00 AM.

What are the benefits of purchasing travel insurance?

  • It can protect against unforeseen events that may cause you to cancel your travel plans.
  • It may reimburse nonrefundable pre-payments and/or deposits.
  • It may cover emergency medical expenses if the you purchase a more comprehensive plan.
  • It may cover miscellaneous expenses caused by travel delays, such as transportation and lodging expenses or, if baggage is delayed, the purchase of essential items.
  • It can also protect against lost, stolen or damaged baggage.
  • It typically costs 5 to 7 percent of the total trip cost.

What should I bring?

Food items for the duration of your stay. Even in the summer it can get quite cool so warm clothes and raingear would be advisable. Warm slippers for inside the cabin as we ask you to remove your outdoor footwear in the cabins. Beach wear and comfortable walking shoes are a must and don't forget a sunhat and tanning lotion. Bug repellent is recommended to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Books for reading, puzzles or games to play if rain dictates indoor activities. Even though daylight is extended during summer months a flashlight is a handy source of light when taking midnight strolls on the beach. We follow the boy scouts creed, "be prepared." Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Do we need to bring bedding or cooking utensils?

All bedding and cooking utensils are provided. You may want to bring towels for drying off after wading or swimming in the water. However, if you plan on having a hot dog/marshmellow roast or cooking crabs on the beach, you will need to bring all necessary utensils. No items of bedding or kitchen utensils are allowed to be taken outside of the cabins.

Shall we bring our own drinking water?

Drinking water is provided but if you are traveling via ferry and have room for an extra water container it would be a good idea. Cold water from the faucet is available for other uses besides drinking.

Do I need to filter the water before drinking?

The water provided in the potable water containers is city water and does not need to be filtered for drinking. Water out of the faucet DOES need to be filtered.

Is there a fridge?

No there is no fridge because we do not have electricity; but we have ice coolers that hold up to three days worth of food. A couple bags of ice can be bought in Masset on your way out to the cabins.

Are there flushing toilets?

No, but each cabin has their own well-maintained private outhouse.

How do I get to North Beach if I don't have a car?

Rental cars are available at Sandspit (airport), Queen Charlotte City and Masset. Eagle Transit bus service also provides transportation up to Masset. Contact them at 1-877-747-4461 or www.qcislands.net/eagle.  From Masset the best bet is to call Tiiyaan Taxi at 250-626-3535 or hitch hike.

How far is it from the ferry?

Depending how fast you drive, it is approximately a two hour drive from Skidegate ferry.

What is the approximate latitude / longitude for the entrance to the cabins?

54° 2' 29.6484" N
131° 54' 43.3152" W

Are pets allowed?

Pets are no longer permitted - except certified guide or service dogs.

Where can we smoke?

Smoking is not allowed in the cabins. As you can imagine, fire is a huge concern for a cedar shake cabin and with no fire department within 10 miles, it is absolutely necessary that a container of some sort is used for the use of dropping ashes and extinguishing butts. Please make sure no ambers are left burning.

Is there cell phone coverage?

Cell phone coverage is tenuous at best with Bell and Telus being the only supported providers.  The best reception is on the beach facing Masset.

Are there campfire pits?

Beach fires are allowed below the sand dunes and the high tide watermark. Driftwood off the beach is in abundant supply and can be used for firewood. If you are to have a beach fire, it is mandatory that you do not leave it unattended and that it is fully extinguished when you leave.

Where can we take a shower?

We have beautiful hand crafted red and yellow cedar private solar showers for each cabin. There is also an RV Campground and the Masset Recreation Center for showering.

Is there somewhere to do laundry?

There is a coin operated Laundromat in Masset as well as the RV Campground for small loads.

Is there any place to rent bikes?

Yes, we rent bikes.  Each bike, with helmet, high-visibilty vest, and lunch box, may be rented for $25 per day.

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