The Moon Shell and Cedar Palace are available May 2024!

All other cabins are being renovated for future seasons.


North Beach Cabins are Eco-tourism accommodations set in the majestic Naikoon Park on the legendary Haida Gwaii. Located on Tow Hill Road, ten miles east of Masset, British Columbia, this private and pristine wilderness is an ideal rustic retreat for a remote vacation. Our six cozy, weathered cedar cabins are surrounded by acres of coastal rainforest and miles of sandy beach waterfront.

North Beach Cabins provides our guests a unique opportunity to experience one of the last natural frontiers, unspoiled by urban development. Here you can enjoy a back-to-nature adventure and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Walk for miles on sparsely populated beaches and hike through the lush canopy of the moss-lined cedar rainforest.

The term “off-grid” has many definitions, however we define it as a lifestyle of self sufficiency able to operate completely off all traditional public utilities. Instead we use alternative energy sources to provide the conveniences most people are used to in their daily lives. For example; gravity-fed rainwater for washing from kitchen faucet; bottled drinking water is provided in water dispensers; solar lamps, candles, battery operated lamps and lanterns for lighting. Propane fuels lights, heat and cooking. Wood is provided for cabins with wood stoves. Private composting outhouses and outdoor solar showers accommodate each cabin.

Solar power with deep-cycle batteries is the source of electricity used in The Cedar Palace.You will however need to bring your own adapters and chargers to plug in your devices. WiFi is not provided, but cell service is available right on the beach in front of our cabins.

The Haida Gwaii are renowned for its art, culture and history. Sport fishing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, cycling and golf are just a sampling of the endless activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Nature lovers will be awe inspired by the variety and abundance of wildlife. Bird and whale watching are two of our most popular activities.

Crabs, scallops and razor clams may often be harvested steps away from the cabins. Long leisurely strolls on the beach provide opportunities for shell seekers and agate hunters to gather incredible treasures.

North Beach Cabins are a haven in the midst of nature’s gallery. We invite you to come and relax, enjoy nature’s best, and embrace all we have to offer.

Beach Activities

Crab and clam gathering equipment such as chest waders, nets, shovels and crab cookers are available upon request.

Special Occasion Packages

We would like to be a part of your celebration. Please contact us for further information. Arrangements can be made at the time you book your reservations.

North Beach Cabins are a perfect place to celebrate special times. Many of our guests come to celebrate during a holiday, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or fun family reunion. Most people are looking to make it a casual, joyful and meaningful experience with a little extra touch included.